The New Normal

Last spring, I lived by the mantra “this is not normal,” and like so many others, I rejected the idea that this pandemic would continue through the summer, let alone fall. Now it’s September, and life as we knew it continues to be shut down, forcing me to acknowledge and accept some new norms. And while I don’t want to return to much of pre-pandemic life, I’m not excited about residing in the current status quo forever, or even beyond next Tuesday.  Continue reading “The New Normal”

Pandemic Depression

My pandemic story has reached a new chapter. I made it through the house-wide purge, the gardening phase, the hiking phase, the biking phase, the manic cleaning, the blissful simplicity, Homeschool Part 1, wine consumption acceptance, the family road trip, and the family tragedy. I somehow skipped the sourdough stage. I have now achieved “high-functioning depression.” Continue reading “Pandemic Depression”

Adaptability Boot Camp

I was looking over my writing from the beginning of the year – from the “before” times – hoping to find some writing inspiration. My creative outlets these past 5 and ½ weeks haven’t extended much beyond chalk-art with my kids, and innovative cocktail-mixing for Zoom happy hours. But all I found were several journal-like entries on my need to be more adaptable.  Continue reading “Adaptability Boot Camp”

Slopestyle with the Quiters

It’s January 28 and my family has already clocked in 11 days on the mountain. And I mean full days, 9-4, with the exception of a 2pm quitting time on Christmas Eve and a mid-day movie break during a snowstorm. We do let the kids eat, though we prefer snacks to be consumed on the chair lift. After all the effort that goes into managing a ski trip for my family, I am not going to let a minute go to waste. Continue reading “Slopestyle with the Quiters”